In The Shoebox (Webcomic)

"In The Shoebox" is a webcomic IP that I created back in 2021. Its concept is based off our two main protagonists Ebbs and Meeks as they move into a tiny flat called The Shoebox. There, they find themselves navigating the perils of adulthood, wholesome romance, and their unusual neighbours’ odd requests, all the while trying to save The Shoebox from being taken over an evil corporation.

This webcomic remains a WIP.

Imaginary Friend's roommate. Wears a bandanna to cover his razor sharp teeth that others find terrifying. Has an online persona named BogeyDaddy, where he uploads scandalous pics of himself onto his OnlyFwens account.

Imaginary Friend
Runs a punk band called 'Ah, Sozzingtons!' with Boogeyman but they lack a rhythm guitarist. Loves knitting in his spare time. 

Main protagonist. Long, curly hair that is often tangled. Is always seen in her signature overalls and wears socks of mismatched height. She has two cats: the first cat Fairlady, is permanently latched onto her right ankle, while her second cat Blackie, is stuck in her hair.

Main protagonist. Handsome, strapping young lad. Always wears band tees and his comfort boxers (never seen without it!).

Jack Blyat (Russian Jack Black)
Lives next to Meeks and Ebbs. Claims to be a retired KGB intelligence officer (or is he really on the run?). Secretly builds hidden passageways in the walls of The Shoebox to steal food from neighbours he dislikes. Has a fondness for his potato launcher and works as a kitchen assistant at a Chinese restaurant called Kwok’s Big Wok.

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